Special Gaslight Event! An Evening with… ExponentialTrio- Freitag 11 Nov.


Anyone who has experienced the talents of these musicians individually will not want to miss this chance to see them together.  Guitarist and Violinist Rodolfo Lehnebach (Chile) is the man behind the incredibly successful Gypsy Jazz sessions. In the Exponential Trio he teams up with Clarinet playing, singing, beatboxing , looper whirlwind Cristian Palmer (Spain) and  the superbly disciplined playing of Anthony Williams USA on Piano and Trumpet. It promises to be a wonderful night of genre bending music and as always when this playful trio get together, look forward to an emotional trip though all your favourite genres with an infusion of exponential fun and musical games. Don’t miss it. Tickets on Sale now!





NEXT SHOW SEPTEMBER 22 – NORDAKAS  International rhythms, World and Latin music, fiery guitarists and …well why am I trying to tell you about them you have to come and see and hear for yourself.



NEXT SHOW SEPTEMBER 22  CONOR O BRIEN a young singer songwriter with a remarkable voice and some great songs will be with us  on THE EASE INTO FALL SHOW on the 22 September



Check out how Cristian Palmer and Anthony Williams rocked the house at the last show . with help from Rodolfo  of Gypsy Jazz session famescreen-shot-2016-09-09-at-02-09-46

Way back we had the pleasure of two guest appearance by the wonderful La Petite Rouge. Since then she’s had a change of image and name now known as NOVAA she is lighting up charts all over Europe clicking up a million plays for her track  Mother. We of course don’t claim any responsibility for her success we’re just sayin‘.. and of course we wish her all the success this world had to offer and she has to come back and tell us all about it…