Thank you all for an excellent night!

Thanks to Classic Brian, Nö Danke, Es Lebe der König and Cristian Palmer for a wonderful show last night. It was a meeting of many diverse and unique talents, just as it should be.

Although the show was ravaged by the current wave of flu and cold’s which caused quintets to become trios and trios to become soloists, all of the above turned in superbly engaging and original performances. Special thanks to Cristian P for helping out at the last minute. All in all a night in the true spirit of the Gaslight Cafe thank you again one and all.

Thanks also to Christof, Annie, Max, Matthias and the TiKK team, and of course the wonderful Gaslight audience.

Sorry about the live stream folks 😦 , our technical crew will have it sorted by the next show, I promise!  See y’all next time! gaaslightflyer0117